Why would someone choose to be a
Partner On The Journey?
We asked Father Noah Carter, Pastor of Holy Cross Catholic Church in Kernersville, NC, who was one of the first to make his pledge to the Partners On The Journey Capital Campaign.
This is what he told us.

Q. Before this capital campaign, did you already support RATI? 
A. Prior to the present Capital Campaign, I was a monthly financial supporter of Room at the Inn, Board Member, and banquet table host. I became involved with Room at the Inn nearly nine years ago when I was assigned to parochial ministry in Greensboro. I have been involved in one way or another ever since. More than direct support, I love hearing someone say, “I’ve never heard of Room at the Inn before,” because I love telling others about the life-changing mission it is engaged in around the clock.
Q. What is it about the work of Room At The In that resonates with you? 
A. In my opinion, the most special part of Room at the Inn’s ministry is that it serves women and children who have no where else to go. Homeless, pregnant women are incredibly vulnerable and have so few resources in the community. Room at the Inn helps empower these women to be homemakers in the best sense of the word: creating family environments which allow them and their children the best opportunity to thrive.
Q. Why do you think it is important to build the Promise Center now? 
A. With a growing cultural shift toward pro-life stances in America today, the Promise Center will be the ongoing support that single mothers need to create a family environment of their children, cultivate hope in the home, and provide the best possible outcome for all members of the family. With this Center, Room at the Inn will provide continuing care and advancement in the life of mothers that no other agency or service can offer, and Room at the Inn will do it —as it does all things — with the attitude and love of Christ.
Q. What made you choose to give more than you already do to help with this project? 
A. I personally chose to give to this project because it will be a beacon of hope in our community, region, and nation. It is the incarnation of the Gospel message for the Body of Christ to have a preferential option for the needy and downtrodden. Since single mothers face the dangers of homelessness, lack of transportation, and access to childcare, this project directly takes on a real-world approach to solving these deficits. In short, I see how the Promise Center will save lives.