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After learning she was pregnant, Carmen knew she wanted to keep her baby and finish college but didn’t know how to make that happen until a friend told her about Room At The Inn.


Already the mother of two children, Anissa didn’t know how she could support one more. She thought she only had one option until she learned there was another way.


Rose talks about how Room At The Inn helps women in situations similar to hers and how much it meant to her to have a support system during her own  heart-wrenching experience.


Samantha and her daughter had lost all their worldly belongings and had nowhere to go when she learned she was pregnant. Room At The Inn provided a home for them, and soon Samantha was on her way to self-sufficiency. Hear more.


In abusive relationship when she learned she was pregnant, Ari was pressured to have an abortion. She wanted to keep her baby and turn her life around. Ari did both at Room At The Inn. Learn more in this video.


With a history of drug and alcohol abuse, things seemed grim for Corey when she learned she was pregnant. However, she knew ending her pregnancy wasn’t the answer. Hear her story of healing and choosing the loving option for her child.


Skip to 3 minutes to see only Tayler portion. Tayler came to Room At The Inn in July of 2021. When she came to us pregnant she already had an infant daughter, a fact that would have caused several organizations to turn her away. We were happy to let her stay with us and now she using the skills she learned at Room At The Inn to be an independent mother.


When Wanisha came to us she was homeless and pregnant. After staying with Room At The Inn she was able to get a job, housing for herself, and more. We are very proud of her story.