"Room At The Inn helped me tap into my strength and made me realize I can handle and conquer all that comes my way. They made me believe in myself again."

Precious Precious

"RATI helped me have the confidence in myself to be able to take care of my children on my own. I'm truly grateful for my time at the Room At The Inn."

Margarita Margarita

"Room At The Inn helped me by providing the support I needed to be able to live on my own and take care of my kids. I’m thankful for my time there."

Victoria Victoria

"I am grateful for the structure and assistance I needed to get back on my feet and the time to go to back to school so I could get a better job and give my children the future they deserve."

Natacia Natacia

"I was able to achieve things that I did not believe could be achieved by me. Thank you for all that was done for my son and me. We are grateful that there was 'room at the inn' for us!"


"Room At The Inn saved my life and helped me begin a new life for my daughter and me. I am truly grateful for everyone who supports them."

Jessica Jessica

"Room At The Inn helped me learn how to cope and deal with life. Through Room At The Inn, I gained a support system like no other and will forever be grateful."

Shyanne Shyanne