Assisting Graduates

The graduates of our programs continue to be an important part of our family even after the birth of their children. Quarterly alumni meetings are conducted at the maternity home. We hold an annual Christmas dinner, and other events are planned by our supporters. Clients are eligible for material assistance, including visits to our clothing and supplies boutique, child care scholarships, financial assistance and referrals for up to five years after the birth of their children.

We are very grateful to be able to partner with the Diaper Bank of North Carolina. They supply us with the diapers we need to be able to give our aftercare moms diapers when they need them.

Want to join our Aftercare Group?

Graduates are able to stay in touch with us and with one another and hear about upcoming events and community opportunities. Only graduates are eligible to join this group. To join, please email

Aftercare gathering at Chuck E. Cheese’s. This is the noisiest place in the universe but they all seemed to love it and enjoyed the pizza too.

Room At The Inn helps by assisting graduates

Two of our Aftercare moms looking through clothes in our Aftercare “boutique” where they can go to get things they need for their children as they grow.

Two of our Room At the Inn kids playing together at The Children’s Museum at one of our Aftercare outings. They had the best time learning and playing together!

We are very grateful for our partnership with the Diaper Bank of North Carolina who provides free diapers to our clients while they are in the maternity home and also afterwards in our Aftercare program.