Room At The Inn Privacy Statement

Room At The Inn provides privacy for their online visitors and donors. We do not solicit or share our donor’s or visitor’s information with outside parties.

Information obtained from our website is primarily used for fundraising targeted mailings, campaigns, newsletters and events organized by Room At The Inn staff and volunteers. Room At The Inn does not offer services such as credit cards in exchange for money and or/in-kind donations and have no connection with any organization/business that may make such an offer.

We do, however use the information obtained on this website for internal purposes to track the numbers of visitors and analyze the performance of the Room At The Inn website. The website is a vehicle to publicize our mission statement, purpose, services, activities/events and future development efforts.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or would like to request correction, addition or deletion of your personal information from our database, please contact Edith Clifford at 336-996-3788.