In order to run the wonderful programs at Room At The Inn, we must have money. We are so grateful to have such a loyal and generous group of supporters. In order to not have to rely on the same people year after year, we must hold events that draw new donors to support our cause.

We have two fundraising events each year. We use fundraising committees to make each of them successful. We need people with various talents to fill these committee positions.

This year (2020) the Spring Swing will be on Thursday, May 7th and Friday May 8th

The Spring Swing Committee are people who take part in some of the following ways:

  • Attend meetings starting in January each month until May
  • Solicit and collect donated items to be used for prizes, live or silent auction items
  • Attend pre-event “basket party” to organize silent auction items into meaningful groupings or baskets
  • Help at the golf tournament on Thursday during the day
  • Help decorate the venue before the Gala on Friday night
  • Help at the event on Friday night

This year (2020) the Annual Fundraising Banquet will be on Thursday, October 15th

The Banquet Committee are people who take part in some of the following ways:

  • Serve as table hosts (invite your friends, family, co-worker, neighbors to sit at your table at the banquet. Each table holds 10)
  • Help publicise the event in our community before the event at churches etc
  • Help set up the room the evening of the event
  • Help with welcoming and registration the evening of the event

If you think you might enjoy and be suited to serving on one of our committees, please let us know.

Contact Annie

Some people choose to do their own fundraising events. For example, organizing the youth group at their church to do a car wash to raise money for Room At The Inn. This helps us gain support from people who would otherwise not attend our regular events. We are always happy to get help with these types of opportunities as well!