I mostly laugh at my lack of golf skills while my husband Brian tries to make me take the sport more seriously. He encouraged me to try golfing several years ago because he sees it as an activity we can enjoy together well into old age. Fortunately for me, two of my best girlfriends are golfers, and with Christine Gnaster and Brian coaching me, I have slowly but surely made progress. It could take the rest of my life to master this sport, but learning it is fun when I’m with people I love.

Both Brian and I have played in the tournament that bears his late sister’s name for several years now. We love playing in the Amy Elizabeth Disney Memorial because we have watched all of the communities in which we’re involved join us on the golf course for this event. Almost every single golfer is a family friend from school, church, or work. When we moved the tournament to Starmount Forest Country Club this year, where we recently became members, our new friends there have been excited to come play with us, too. As a haven for homeless, expectant mothers, Room At The Inn is a charity that speaks to everyone in all parts of our lives, and golfing is a fun way to support it.

Brian enjoys the competitive aspect of golf much more than I do, but I love it because I’m surrounded by my fun, encouraging husband and friends. Between the tournament and the Rose Gala’s auction, food, live music and dancing, there’s something for everyone during the Spring Swing on May 9 and 10. Please join us! – Emily Disney

Caption: Brian and Emily (center) with their good friends and golfing buddies, including Mike and Christine Gnaster (left) and Hannah and Josh Adams (right)