Dear Lord,

You led me to my beautiful wife, Leslie, who has brought me so much closer to You. I pray that together, we continue to be called nearer to you, our Lord Jesus Christ. You have blessed us both immensely by calling us to be parents together.

Thank you for trusting me to be the father of my children. Thank you for their many gifts. Despite my human weakness and sinful nature, help me to be a living example for my children. Through your divine intervention, illuminate to my children whatever virtue you may find in my imperfection, and blind them to my faults. Only through the cleansing of reconciliation and nourishment through the Eucharist can I be made worthy of this duty of being their father.

Thank you for Webb, my only son. Thank you for his many gifts including his health, intellect, moral direction, and ingenuity. Help me to be an effective example for him as a young man.

Thank you for my daughter Mary Grace. Thank you for her many gifts including her kind spirit, charitable nature, athleticism, and creativity. Bless her with Your divine will.

Thank you for my daughter Ava. You have given her many gifts including her loving nature, humorous disposition, inclination to service, and appreciation for Your gift of nature. Bless her and protect her.

Dear Lord, I surrender to your divine plan whatever vocation to which you lead each of my children. Strengthen them in virtue that will lead them to experience many blessings in their lives. Should you call them to the vocation of marriage, I pray now for their spouses, that they may know your will in their lives, and grant them an abundance of faith, hope, and love.

Give me patience, give me strength, give me charity to lead my family to do your Holy will. May the Holy Spirit guide us all closer to our savior Jesus Christ every day of our lives, so that we may sanctified in Him for eternity.


Lewis Lipscomb, MD, is the medical director of minimally invasive surgery at the Novant Health Maya Angelou Center for Women’s Health and Wellness and is the lead practitioner at Novant Health Triad Obstetrics & Gynecology. Dr. Lipscomb studied at the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction, where he chose to focus on providing a pro-life, non-contraceptive approach to women’s health.

Photo: Dr. Lipscomb with his lovely wife Leslie and their three children