Years ago a simple rubber bracelet gained popularity and was seen on wrists everywhere. It bore the letters “WWJD” and served as a reminder for its wearers to anchor their decisions and responses to situations by asking, “What would Jesus do?” As a father of three, I have found pausing and considering this question helpful on more than a few occasions. When my oldest son boldly presented his plan to quit college and move to Los Angeles to be a musician, my bracelet reminded me to take a deep breath and look for some WWJD wisdom before responding!

What would Jesus do? It’s a strikingly uncomplicated question, but when applied to strikingly complicated issues it has the power of putting everything in perspective.

So, what did Jesus do? Scripture is pretty clear. Jesus embraced people that others considered unimportant. He restored broken lives. He taught God’s word. He served others. Exactly the things that Room At The Inn is doing right here in the Triad.

So, here I am, a father and a husband called by God to lead my family. A father living in a community that includes single, pregnant, homeless women desperately in need of hope. A father who stands on the sidewalk outside a dark, nondescript clinic in southeast Greensboro as many of these women arrive for their “appointments”. A father praying that these young women will change their minds and choose life for their babies. Standing there, I ask myself that strikingly uncomplicated question and the answer is clear and equally uncomplicated—that’s why I support Room at the Inn.—Bobby Singleton

Bobby Singleton and his wife, Holli, are longtime Room At The Inn supporters and table hosts. Please consider following their lead by hosting a table at this year’s banquet featuring keynote speaker Kurt Kondrich, another loving father following God’s will in protecting the most vulnerable among us!

Photo: Bobby with his fun-loving family, including Holli and two of their three children