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Nussbaum Maternity Home

Every resident has a story that is both similar and yet unique. We offer programs that provide the support and services that will fit the specific needs of each individual resident. When Annyia graduated from our Nussbaum Maternity Home program, she gave us this beautiful note:

"What I liked most about this program is the support that you are given here. The least thing that I like NOTHING. When you first come into the program, you don’t understand how the rules will help you in the long run. You see all the results when its time to leave and you are packing all your things. You begin to notice all the things that you’ve learned, and all the things that you’ve changed. Its exciting knowing that you came in messed up and now its time to go out into the world as a new person with a new mind! Thank you RATI."

When a new resident is admitted into the program, she undergoes a 30 day probationary period during which our professional staff helps her to develop plans for herself and her child. This allows each mother to learn the daily routine, to receive counseling, and to have her initial medical appointments.

Also, each resident receives adoption counseling from an outside adoption agency of her choice. This allows each mother to make her decisions regarding the placement of her child without pressure. We support every mother's very personal and difficult decision regarding this.

Vocational testing and individual counseling sessions help the resident and staff prepare a plan for each mother to develop the necessary job and life skills she will need in order to function independently, once she leaves our program (Life Skills classes provided by Room At The Inn include but are not limited to: Parenting, Dental Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, Time Management, Nutrition, Budgeting, Personal Safety, Housekeeping, Motivation and Career Development).

After the completion of the initial probationary period, an invitation to be admitted to our long-term program is made when the resident's age, needs and circumstances indicate that this is in her best interest. Once admitted, a resident will continue to work towards reaching the goals she and the program staff have developed. Generally, these goals are reached by the time that the resident’s baby is born.

In some cases, an invitation is limited and short-term. In all cases, each resident is treated with respect and concern and attempts are made to provide her with the most suitable care and support her individual situation dictates.

The Nussbaum Maternity Home is a North Carolina state licensed Maternity Home providing:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Material Needs
  • Case Management

Life Skills Education in Parenting, Childbirth, Anger/Stress Management, Nutrition, Adoption, Dental Hygiene, Personal Hygiene; and addressing Prenatal, Medical and Dental needs, Mentoring and Spiritual Development

(Self Sufficiency/School/Job Training Transportation Trips)

Eligibility Criteria

Potential clients must:

  • Be a resident of North Carolina
  • Be at least 14 weeks pregnant
  • Be without a severe psychiatric history
  • Be willing to follow program rules and guidelines including medical and psychological recommendations

Other eligibility criteria includes:

  • The Nussbaum Maternity Home is licensed for 6 pregnant women and may house up to 4 of their children

    Contact Information:

    For admissions and questions concerning program services call the Staff at

We bring hope to families through your support.

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