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Amy Elizabeth Disney House
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Samaritan House

The Amy's House in Greensboro, the Back Yard Ministry House in Kernersville and the Samaritan House in Eden, NC are both part of Room At The Inn of the Triad’s Subsidized Housing Program for single mothers who have graduated from the Mary C. Nussbaum Maternity Home program and who are enrolled full time in educational and/or vocational programs.

Amy’s House, The Back Yard Ministry House and the Samaritan House provides:

  • Shelter
  • Day Care
  • Financial and Material Support

The Amy's House was named for Amy Elizabeth Disney, Amy’s House was a project of the Greater Greensboro Builders’ Association’s Remodeler’s Council. Volunteers worked for over a year raising funds and donating materials and labor in renovating the facility. For their work, the Remodelors Council received the association’s local, state and national service awards.

The Back Yard Ministry was purchased and renovated by the members of the Cherry Street United Methodist Church. The Backyard Ministry was made available to Room At The Inn of the Triad in September 2005. The downstairs apartment is home to mothers and children, while the upstairs apartment now houses the maintenance/archive office of Room At The Inn of the Triad.

The Samaritan House is located in Rockingham County. The Samaritan House of the First Church of the Brethren is our newest collaboration with local churches. This project expands our ability to provide housing and support services to graduates from our maternity home programs who enroll in college on a full-time basis.

Through the generous donation of Francis and Patty Disney and the greater Greensboro Builders’ Association and collaborations with local churches, Room at the Inn of the Triad is able to offer Supported Community Living Services for maternity home program graduates who are attending college full-time. Funds raised through the Annual Amy Elizabeth Disney Memorial Golf Tournament also support the college program.


Eligibility Criteria

Potential clients must:

  • Be a graduate of the Nussbaum Maternity Home program
  • Be willing to follow program rules and guidelines including medical/psychological recommendations
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be enrolled in the Dixon Self Sufficiency Program
  • Must be enrolled in the Maternal, Infant and Child Healthcare Program


We bring hope to families through your support.

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