Healthcare Services

Maternal, Infant, and Child Healthcare Program

By working with local physicians, mental health counselors, dentists, substance abuse programs and other healthcare professionals, we are able to deliver healthcare services to our maternity home clients. On-site services include: case management, counseling transportation to healthcare related appointments and health related life skills education. Life skills classes include: First Aid/CPR, Childbirth, Parenting, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Dental Hygiene, Anger Management and Family Planning.

Maternity Home and Healthcare

Program Outputs:

4,109 nights of shelter were provided to pregnant women/parenting women and their children.
They enjoyed 12,327 nutritious meals;
And were provided 277 healthcare related case management/counseling sessions and 641 healthcare related trips to appointments.

Program Outcomes:

16 Children were born;
94% of children born at healthy birth weights of 5.5 pounds or greater;
94% of children born drug-free;
88% of children had 5 minute APGAR scores of 8 or more.

Emergency Shelter Statistics

239 nights of shelter, 717 meals were provided to 18 women and 12 children. In addition, case management, transportation, material/financial assistance were provided these clients as they waited for admission to the Nussbaum Maternity Home.

Eligibility Criteria

Potential clients must:

  • Be a resident of the maternity home or subsidized housing programs
  • Be willing to follow program rules and guidelines including medical/psychological recommendations

Program Focus

  • Case management and transportation to healthcare related appointments
  • Life Skills Education with emphasis on Parent Education, Family Planning, Healthy Living, and Nutrition
  • Support for clients with substance abuse issues
  • Smoking Cessation


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